October Blind Items

This is a new feature for our website! Every month, we will post cryptic clues to some juicy gossip involving writers throughout the capital, and beyond.

There will be some possible answers to involved parties in the tags, but some may be red herrings.

Happy reading!

  1. This film making fave from outside the UK, who is living it up in london, recently trashed everyone’s favourite instagram honey, may be in hot water. It is no secret she isn’t fond of making friends, and seems to criticise every writer she comes across, which isn’t giving her favour with people in the industry. Many people in the writing industry dislike her and think she is fake in many ways. She has been accused of only writing about subjects that will increase her views and make her appear more progresssive. She has been accused of faking her accent, and many say she has been kind about people she has later gone on to talk trash about.Many view her as ungrateful, and think she needs to come back to earth. It’s been a long time since she has had a hit poem, and her fans are starting to forget about her. Is it over for her before she releases that novel she keeps promising? Perhaps she have focused on her studies, because she might need her degree if she keeps messing up with her career and reputation, especially as London is constantly growing, and people who do what she does are debuting all the time.
  2. This male writer is a tale as old as time. Boy from Rich family goes to university in the city, has money thrown at him, and is told he is very good, because he is a boy. Boy never really grows up, and falls into journalism due to family connections and influence. Boy, like many before him (some exposed as recently as last week), thinks mummy and daddy’s money can buy him everything, including women that very clearly say and scream no. Boy is now panicking, as women in media finally have the safety and support needed to be open about abusers, and boy could be next.

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