Are you ready for Beo n’ Peno?

Beo n’ Peno is a 52 episodes x 7 minutes animated series of fast paced action, slapstick comedy and adventure for kids of age group between 4 to 12 years produced Animantz, an animation company since 2005.

Watch and enjoy this series of fun run happening between an idiosyncratic Beo, the Polar Bear and Peno, the quirky penguin. They are friends who never get along with each other. One moment they can be seen on a frozen pond, adorably sharing their food and before you go “awww” they could be throwing themselves each other fighting for the tastier portion. But when a situation arises they both give their heart and do not hesitate in helping or rescuing each other.

Beo is twice the size of penguin. He is sweet but extremely short tempered, believes in muscle power and could do anything to get what he wants. Peno on the other hand is a thinker. He comes up with quirky ideas to get away from the glitches set by Beo.

BEO-n-PENO-LogoBeo n’ Peno will witness the everyday lives of the polar bear and the penguin with a lot of brawls, pranks, chases, cuddles and love.

Don’t miss this funny and fast paced action slapstick comedy.

Await this series in all broadcast and digital platforms from this October.

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